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Vladimir Timokhanov is a professional artist who has designed and illustrated many natural-history books published in a variety of countries, including Kazakhstan, the UK, Switzerland and the Belgium. His works have been shown at several personal exhibitions and he has taken part in several UNESCO and IUCN projects. He has also prepared illustrations for a number of academic and popular journals and internet sites.

In 2003, was founded a so-name enterprise.



Performed works

Performed works

WebsiteS and applications

Creation of websites, lendings, online stores and interactive applications.

Illustrations and animation

The creation of digital raster and vector drawings with any orientation, style and level of complexity. Animating objects and scenes.

Polygraphy and identica

Design and desktop publishing. Development of own trademark style.




Asinus Buridani inter duo prata

Buridanov donkey (Latin: Asinus Buridani inter duo prata — buridanov donkey between two glades (stacks)) — a philosophical paradox, that named after the philosopher Jean Buridan, where was posed the question: how could donkey whom was given two equal tempting treats make a rational choice?


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